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With an unparalleled ability to evoke the mysterious and sinister, Christina Allan (b. 1995), driven by her personal existentialism, delves into the complexities of the human experience through paintings and multimedia works that depict otherworldly creatures and dimensions. Infused with a dark lens, her canvases reveal an intricate dance between the cosmic and the personal. This artistic exploration is fueled by a profound curiosity towards the mysteries of the universe and life itself, showcasing a unique and compelling perspective on the profound aspects of existence.

Infusing a spiritual dimension into her artistic philosophy, Allan explores humanity's fascination with things that terrify and intrigue us. In her realm of fantastical beings, which includes angels, aliens, deities, spirits, and skeletal figures, she captures both their beauty and monstrosity, invoking the sublime—a humbling experience that blends horror and awe in the face of grandeur.


Using techniques like airbrush and traditional painting, Allan starts by conceptualizing and designing 3D renderings and models with digital software. These digital creations form the basis for her imaginative world of fantastical beings, which she then translates to physical canvases, creating vibrant compositions that blur the line between the digital and the tangible.

A recipient of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from Parsons the New School for Design in 2017, Allan was honoured with the institution's Dean's BFA Scholarship. She has exhibited internationally through solo and group exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York City and Paris; her work is held in private collections worldwide. Recent solo exhibitions include "COSMIC ZOO" in London, "DEAD SEA" in New York City, "HOT WHEELS" in Los Angeles, and "PSYCHOPOMP" in Madrid. Allan is currently based in Toronto, Canada.



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